Apex Holdings (A) Limited

Apex Holdings (A) Ltd - The biggest division amongst all the group companies at Ducorp, Apex Holdings (A) Ltd may be rightly referred to as a procurement company for the mining and exploration, agricultural, industrial and construction industries. The core business of this division is to supply materials of all kinds within the pan African region. Apex Holdings (A) Ltd major clients include those from Gold and Copper mining industries around Tanzania, Congo, and Zambia, as well as large construction firms within the aforementioned countries.

We do not only deal in mining but also various industrial products like Steel, Automobile parts, Work wear, Piping products and Exploration and Geological too are major areas of our specialization.

Furthermore, we at Apex understand how crucial it is for a construction site to streamline its value chain. The entire system may tumble down if the value chain is not as efficient as it should be. Thus, Apex comes to your rescue in such a situation and facilitates the procurement processes. Our advanced supply chain management services allow our clients to stay focused and sharpen their core competence further. Rest of the management regarding timely delivery of materials and supplies can be left for Apex to take care.
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